Double Bed with Storage: Store a lot more in your bedroom

How to fit in your king size bed in your limited space bedroom, without hampering the storage facility in the room? Well, you can opt for a double bed with hydraulic storage facility. This facilitates huge storage without using any extra space in the room. Unlike drawers at the bottom of the bed, which requires additional space around the bed for operating it, hydraulic lift beds doesn’t need extra space around the bed, just lift it and store your commodities. Keeping in mind the limited space available in modern living areas these are your best choice. On one hand they solve your space management problem as well as facilitate a well organized storage of your commodities presenting a chic look to your room.


Benefits of using hydraulic Double Bed with storage:


  1. Maximum Storage Space:
    Just lift the bed and store your daily use commodities inside the compartments. Having separate compartments allows organized way of storing things in different space allotted. You get an opportunity of utilizing the entire area of the bed.
  2. Free from cluttered look:
    There are chances of quickly storing your daily usage commodities without making your room look cluttered. Also the available space in the room remains untouched.
  3. Made of light material:
    As these needs to be lifted regularly, they are made up of light weight wood. They are easy to operate without the help of anyone.

Modern furniture stores have several options of double bed with storage facilities in their stores. Mobel Furniture is a pioneer in manufacturing unique designed double bed with hydraulic storage facility. Choose the best quality double bed with storage of unique designs online from Mobel’s online store. Visit the online store to explore the latest double bed with storage available at an affordable price.
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The ‘Easy’ Guide to Modular Furniture Jargon

Looking to understand why everyone is choosing Modular Furniture for their homes and offices? Here is a simple guide that will make your life easy!

Easy to Choose
Modular furniture designs are curated by professionally qualified Interior Designers. You can get the latest design trends and contemporary colour combinations in wardrobes, beds or kitchens. You can then choose the design as per the theme of your home and select the modules that you require. This way, you get furniture designed by professional designers and do not have to depend on the skill sets of carpenters only.


Easy Order and Assembly
You just need to select a design and place the order. Modular products are pre fabricated at the factory. Products are engineered as per international standards using quality controlled procedures. Installation team assembles the modules at your site within 24 hours and the furniture is ready to use.

Easy To Move
Shifting Your Furniture to a New Home? No Problem! Products are manufactured in modules which can be easily disassembled and reassembled at a new place very easily as modern joineries are being used.

Easy on Your Pocket
Modular kitchens/wardrobes are pocket friendly because of the economies of large scale that work to your advantage. Flexible EMI schemes are also available. Hence, you save your money and get better quality products of your choice.


Easy for your mind! What You See Is What You Get
Modular Furniture is engineered on high precision machines and as per international standards using quality controlled procedures. You can select a design from an extensive range of options and you can expect exactly the same finish in your furniture. Modular kitchens are pre fabricated at the factory using state-of-the-art machines which give you the perfect product – exactly matching your specification. No hassle. No stress. It’s easy.

Easy Edging. Superb Laminate Finishing.
In case of laminated finish, the edges are edge banded by machines and lamination is done by hot press which gives a smooth flat finish. In manual pasting- edges are generally painted/polished manually which may not match with the laminate used. The pasting of Laminate is done manually causing bubbles and undulations.

Easy to Maintain. No dust. No fuss. High quality polish/paint.
In case of Veneer / Painted modular products, the final finish is done in dust free high pressurized painting booth combined with infra red drying chamber. In the manual process painting and finishing is done manually in an unregulated environment which catches dust particles. Maintenance is easy as the designs are mostly having modern straight lines. Furniture can be easily wiped clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent may be used on the high gloss finishes.

At Mobel, we manufacture modular kitchens and other furniture pieces at our own manufacturing facility using state-of-the art German machines. High gloss panels in contrasting colours is the current trend and gives a glamorous look to the home.

3 Quick Tips to make your Leather Sofa Shine

A large number of Indian families have chosen to decorate their living rooms with leather sofas as it is a great option for a busy family with young kids. Dropped food, fur of pets etc comes off with minimum hassle from leather sofas, chairs and couches. But did you know that, to keep your leather pieces in tip-top shape, you need to do more than just brush off the messes? In actuality, you should be cleaning your leather furniture regularly; here are some hints to make it shine.


Sofa Placement – extend its life by keeping it away from direct sunlight

First consider the correct place for your sofa. Does sunlight stream right onto the cushions? Leather does not do well under the direct light and heat of the tropical sun. Hence, keeping your leather sofa out of intense sunlight can extend its life.

Consistency Is the Key

Even though you many not notice it, your leather seating should be cleaned regularly just the way you buff your shoes. Think of your best leather shoes – don’t you polish and buff them regularly? Well, your furniture deserves the same care. Just dab a bit of saddle soap (used for cleaning leather) on a soft damp cloth and buff your sofa to a nice shine. No need to rinse it off.

Remove stains and spots

If you have some annoying spots hanging around on your leather couch, there are a few options to clean it up and get it back to new. Be sure to test the leather first to ensure it will be colourfast with any solution you use by putting the treatment on a hidden section of the sofa or chair and let it sit overnight. Thankfully, getting off spots doesn’t require any major chemicals. Dip a Q-tip/ear bud or cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub the spot. This works especially well for ink spots if the kids were doing homework on the couch and got a little overzealous with their pens.

At Mobel Furniture, we have the latest designs in leather sofas especially manufactured keeping in mind the Indian home. L Shaped Sofa in leather or leatherite can be a good space saver and easy to maintain option. The standard 3 seater sofa or 2 seater sofa alongwith a glass center table can make your living room comfortable.Check the options and buy your sofa set online or visit your nearest Mobel Furniture Store today!

4 Advantages of Modular Home Furniture

It goes without saying that Modular furniture has become a household name owing to its immense popularity in the past years. Interested in blending style and usability together? Well, look no further than MOBEL. Shopping for modular home furniture becomes an absolute necessity when revolutionizing the way your humble abode looks stand first on your priority list. Modular home furniture has evolved and modified to suit the needs of the clients. It is no longer just a standard of convenience but offers an expansion in areas concerning productivity, space utility, cost saving, mobility and more.


Let us take a look at the top 4 advantages of Modular Home furniture:

• Versatility/Flexibility- Reconfiguring the design and placement of the furniture to accommodate various activities is possible only when you go the modular way. Modular furniture gives the flexibility to access the space not as appointed but as customized. As opposed to modular furniture, regular furniture doesn’t give much scope to redesign. Reconfiguring will come at a cost; new furniture, the sad alternative. Creating modular environment in home to serve a plethora of purpose saves money and space while simultaneously giving you better versatility.

• Space utility and time saving-Space utilization and space saving solutions are best offered by the use of modular furniture. In order to maximize the space potential, mobilizing the furniture is necessary. Modular home furniture can adapt to your evolving and trending needs. The furniture is crafted brilliantly so that assembling and coordinating them becomes absolutely hassle-free, thereby saving your valuable time.

• Productivity-Modular Home Furniture provides both comfort and productivity. Be it a sofa, bed or even dining table set. Modular designs consist of various elements which can be assembled to create a storage system that looks built-in. With its additional storage space it acts as both a comforter and a secret-keeper, both rolled in one.

• Cost Saving- Invest in modular home furniture and you will be cutting costs by a fair margin. In terms of long term value, Modular furniture makes a wise investment. Trust in MOBEL to add panache to your home.

Visit MOBEL HOME STORE today to maximize the space in your home and add style to it. Make the most of every piece of furniture. Our experts are meticulous craftsman who design furniture that’s tailored to cater to your tastes.