5 Inspiring Living Room Makeover Ideas

From easy DIY projects to complete living room overhauls, the mere thought of re-doing and revamping the tiniest of spaces can be overwhelming. But, team Mobel has come up with a list of 5 amazing living room décor ideas that are easy, doable and on a budget. Check out these fun tips and get inspired to do your own makeover projects.


Timeless & Trendy:
The right thing to invest in when it comes to interior décor is great furniture that you’ll love forever. Trends and styles change but a timeless furniture can elegantly carry any accessory or trend you might want to layer in a few years from now. So the 1st thing to do is to invest in quality furniture and incorporate less expensive accessories and accents that seem to catch your attention right now. A neutral shaded sofa set can complement a cheerful collection of colorful pillows splashed across it. Later, different shades of pillow cover can easily replace the current décor for a new look at a pocket-friendly price.

Paint the Walls:
Decorating a living room is like making a recipe- you’ll need quality essentials in order to create a strong foundation and a sufficient dose of flavor to make the final result memorable. Here, durable and quality furniture acts as the foundation, whereas color adds the adequate amount of spice to bring out the flavor. Neutral hues can serve as the perfect base for your living room but if you want to work with numerous shades of bright and colorful accents, consider before painting whether you want to go all out and paint your walls bold or want the walls to be a secondary feature.

Turn Up the Dazzle:
Add panache to neutral living rooms by introducing mirrored, shiny and metallic surfaces. Modern living room décor greatly benefits from the addition of chrome finish lamps and furniture and cool looking metallic mirrors. And if you are in love with the idea of classics, introduce some gold or silver frames, polished brass accents and gilded furniture finishes.

Cozy Corner or Gaming Spot:
A pub table makes a perfect spot to play board games and gives value to a neglected small corner that otherwise go unused. You can brighten up the wall with classic damask wall stencils. Alternatively, you can also turn this spot into a cozy reading nook with a comfy bean bag and a stylish arc floor lamp.

Bookcase Facelift:
Display your prized possessions by revamping the built-ins for display over storage space. All you need to do is simply remove all shelves from the built-ins and paint the back of the shelves with a color that will complement the décor of the living room. Next, install floating shelves on the wall which stands blank now with books of your choice. If you are not a book-lover, you can always substitute them with display items.

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