4 Creative DIY Home Décor Ideas To Revamp Your Place

Interior designers can at times charge a bomb to décor your home, so whip up your very own room décor instead. All you’ll need are a few accessories and craft supplies to roll out our DIY home décor and design ideas.

Dip-Dyed Napkins:
Impress your guests with this clever DIY project. Pre-wash the fabric you intend to use to prep it for dyeing. Choose a dye and follow the instructions on the product to create a dye bath in your bucket. Once it is ready, dip the napkin halfway into the dye and leave in to absorb the dye. It is best to dye it for an hour before taking it out. Once you are satisfied, remove it from the dye and wash it using your textile detergent. After washing, dry it and finally iron it. These napkins are a great addition to any dining table.  You can always customize it to the color scheme of your choice. Have fun, I am sure you will enjoy the DIY table setting with these beautiful napkins.


(Image Source: http://bit.ly/2gmTH95)

Candle Lampshade:
Add a couple of DIY lamps and make your dining table shine a little brighter. Take a wine glass and pop in a flameless LED tea light candle in it. Cover the opening with a paper shade and give it the shape of a lampshade. These elegant small wonders can create an incredibly enchanting ambiance to the room. Try it and welcome a mood of pure romance.


(Image Source: http://bit.ly/2gY6KPb)

Patterned Dresser:
Spruce up an old chest of drawer with fresh paint, new hardware and patterned wallpaper. If you like a particular print, use sample swatches and get the job done without having to break the bank. You can mix and match multiple patterns and colors to give a colorful and youthful look or stick to just one pattern to render a more uniform look.


Pillow Pocket:
Do you often misplace your TV remote? It’s even more frustrating when your favorite game or soap is on air and you can’t find the device. Worry not, it’s time to bid adieu to the bad days with this clever home décor project. Things you’ll need- a throw pillow or cushion which comes with a removable cover, a back pocket from a pair of jeans and a fusible webbing(if sewing is not your thing!)

Carefully cut the pockets out of the pants and sandwich the webbing between the back of the pocket edges and the cover. Run an iron over it to seal the webbing. Put the cover back, relax on your sofa and enjoy your favorite game without ever having to worry about misplacing the TV remote again!


(Image Source: http://bit.ly/2h8RzAJ)

All your home needs are a few quick changes. Try out these DIY home décor projects and give your boring space a low-cost facelift. 

5 Amazing DIY Home Décor Tips for Your Home

Whether you are looking for a quick change in your home décor or a complete overhaul, Mobel’s 5 amazing pro tips and decorating ideas will help you spruce up your home. With our easy DIY home décor projects, you can revamp your home with a friendly budget. Have fun!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall:

Have a wall mirror without a frame? Don’t let it stand alone. Collect smaller mirrors like a compact mirror, a hand mirror, shaving mirror, makeup mirror and use them together to frame the big mirror. The result is beautiful.


(Image source: lisafranksdick.tumblr)

Fun Plated:

Get your beautiful china plates out of hiding and put them on display to liven up your walls. Decorating with pretty dinner plates is an inexpensive way to make a huge décor statement. You can use the help of wire plate hangers or peel and stick dish hangers to put up the plates in a pattern that you love best. Get those plates out and have some fun!



(Image source: http://bit.ly/2gfeOIt)

Frame for Keys:

Basic key hooks or key hangers are boring. Jazz up your key hangers by taking the outer shell of a photo frame and use it to frame the key panel for a unique look.


(Image source: homedit)

Bling on with Ping Pong:

Fairy lights and ping pong balls are all you need to create this ethereal piece of art. Make a small hole in the balls and insert tiny bulbs. String them up on the wall or across the doorway to create a bling in your home.


(Image Source: ymaservices)

Genie in a Bottle:

Don’t discard the empty wine bottles so soon. These can be used to create various art forms. You can draw, polka dot or paint them and use them as flower vases. Alternatively, you can paint them in one shade and insert fairy lights inside the bottles to create a mystic appeal and ambiance.