Fun Décor Ideas for Childrens’ Bedrooms

Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be quite challenging, but it doesn’t mean that you have to cut back on style. In fact, designing a child’s bedroom can be very exciting as it opens up a whole new world of décor possibilities. Kids’ room décor gives you the perfect getaway to be as brave, bold, colorful or magical as you and your kid want. Team Mobel will help you steal some amazing children’s bedroom ideas ranging from furniture to accessories and more. Let the décor begin.

Pretty in Pink:
A pink themed bedroom is sure to make your little princess dance with joy. This beautifully designed pink themed bedroom surely creates the effect of a dreamy oasis infused with different variations of pink shades.


Dual Wallpaper:
When you want your kids to share a room, at times it can be difficult to find a middle ground that rightly reflects the personality of each kid. Times like these calls for the use of two different wallpaper prints. Using 2 different wallpapers will ensure that no one has to compromise and everyone is happy.

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Fun Map Wall:
You can cover a whole wall with a world map wall decal which can serve as both wall décor and education. Both kids and teens are sure to appreciate the beauty they offer and simultaneously start to absorb a little geography with each passing day. And if you have family and friends around the world, attach their photos to a fabric map panel to help your kid understand where his extended family and parent’s friends live.

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Climbing Wall:
Is your kid fond of climbing? Get hold of rungs and rock climbing holds to install on the room walls and watch your kid become a climbing pro! These are not only super cool for words but they also promote healthy exercise. You can also install floating shelves on the adjacent wall to hold your kid’s favorite collection of toys. If he is too tired to climb, he can ask you to get him the toys or he can go get them himself by using the wall holds. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

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Superhero Themed Bedroom:
Want to jazz up your child’s bedroom by incorporating their favorite superhero without having a wall mural painted? Furniture application and statement posters are a perfect solution to get the theme rolling! This Spiderman theme bedroom set has a perfect blend of blue, white and red. You will be their superhero once you are finished doing this room.