7 ways to instantly improve your work from home during the Quarantine

When you are stuck at home quarantined, things are bound to get depressing. Your usual work from home days might just get way too dull and boring for you to focus on steadily. While we possibly cannot change the current situation, there are 7 things we can suggest to make work from home as much productive as possible.

  1. A dedicated workspace

A dedicated workspace is what separates your work from your hobby. Many of us treat work from home just like how we treat our other activities. In reality, it is not so. A dedicated, organized space from where you can work comfortably is the need of the hour. Just as how you have a dedicated living room, an organized bedroom, a dream kitchen, and an attached dining space, ensure you find yourself a comfortable nook of the house for your office work as well.

2. A comfortable, functional table

Image Courtesy – Executive Table by Mobel Furniture

Once you are done finding the workspace, ensure you have a table where you can place all your tech gadgets, notebook, and pen comfortably. You can’t do without the laptop and charger, your mobile phone with charger, and a comfortable set of earphones with mic for those daily conference calls. Keep a notepad handy with a set of pens to take notes.

You can find some compact and functional tables here. These would not take up much of your space, and you can easily fit in limited spaces.

3. Comfortable seating – Say ‘NO’ to slouching!

Image Courtesy – Executive Chair by Mobel Furniture

A dedicated study means a comfortable table and a set of ergonomically designed chairs that don’t let you slouch. Save yourself from the back breaks by investing in a good chair that makes you look forward to sitting on it. Mobel Furniture, one of the top furniture stores in Kolkata sells an array of office chairs. Select your ideal fixed chair or the wheeled office chair here. Time to turn on that professional mode!

4. Lights and more lights!

A well-lit workplace saves you from eye strains, headaches, stress, and lastly, fatigue. Good workplace lighting is the key to your improved productivity, besides a reduction in the mistakes you make. What’s more, a well-lit workplace also lets you dive into creativity, and makes work all the more interesting.

5. A hydrated You are a productive You

While work is important, so is your health. Drinking lots of water will not only help you stay hydrated but make your brain active and functional. Keep one (or two) bottles of water at your table that you can refill anytime when you go out and take breaks.

6. Has your brain stopped working? Unwind yourself!

Your work from home tends to get super boring if you sit constantly and try focusing on work. Most of us are habituated with sitting at work for long and procrastinating. However, you can only be the most productive self when you take short breaks in between two assignments/work and take small walks in the house. Unwind yourself after you have worked hard by closing your eyes for a couple of minutes to rest them. You can even stretch like a cat and do some easy arms/fingers/wrists/legs and back exercises for some time and get back to work after that. We also recommend turning on your favourite music in the background to help you kill mundaneness.

7. Plan meetings in advance

Plan your meetings from beforehand, and ensure that there are no distractions to keep your mind scattered and off from work. If small children are running in the house, make sure you enclose yourself in your desk so that your meetings are unhindered.

In case if you were looking for some more trending work from home ideas, go through our blog – Top 5 home office trending ideas to make the ideal home workstation. Take a look at Mobel Furniture’s affordable home office furniture if you don’t have a dedicated study yet.

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