Latest space-saving modern furniture designs

Space crunch is an eternal problem that surrounds most Indian houses of the twenty-first century. Tiny apartments and the presence of too many things make the environment claustrophobic. Space-friendly furniture gives you the freedom to maximize your limited area without making you bargain on your comfort. We have collated 7 space-friendly furniture ideas that are sure to work well on any modern Indian home without burning a hole in your pocket.

Compact yet comfortable home-office workstation – the need of the hour

As work from home becomes the new working solution, it also throws up a new problem. Most small apartments do not have dedicated study rooms. As space is less, it may be impractical to invest in a standard sized study table. The perfect solution is a compact portable home office desk with chair by Mobel Furniture. This has the optimum space arrangement for your laptop, charger station, glass holder, drawer for stationery and other items. You can carry this portable piece of smart furniture anywhere and just start working!

Beds with hydraulic storage. Just lift me!

Wondering where to keep the blankets and all those seasonal clothes in your bedroom? A double bed with storage is the ideal solution. The hydraulic mechanism with gas springs makes lifting easy and simply stays up while you organise your stuff in the partitioned spaces. In these beds with hydraulic storage, there are no drawers on either sides. Hence you can place the bed in a corner (with 2 sides of the bed against walls) without facing any problem in accessing the storage within. Here is a selection of beds with hydraulic storage.

Image Courtesy of Hamilton Hydraulic Bedroom Package by Mobel Furniture

Dining Table with Bench. Modern Cafe Style!

This is a smart new way of saving space! This stylish dining set comes with a bench in place of 2 chairs. First of all, the bench can slide right under the table when it is not in use. Second, since the bench does not have a headrest, there is less visual obstruction and this will definitely make your room look more spacious. Third, the bench gives a modern cafe style feel to your dining space. Youngsters just love it! To know more about The Osaka Dining Set by Mobel Furniture click here.

Image Courtesy of Osaka Dining Set by Mobel Furniture

Vertical wall bed – Innovative space saviour!

Since our beds are designed in such a manner that they take up quite a big portion of our rooms, foldable vertical double beds can save up much space. Also known as a wall-mounted bed or a pull-down bed, the vertical wall bed is ideal for smaller bedrooms. This bed can be hinged at one end to store it vertically against the wall. Keep your bed inside a wall cabinet to use it whenever you want.

Image Courtesy – Pinterest

Foldable dining table with foldable dining chairs – latest design

Be it a circlular or a rectangular dining table, it occupies a large portion of your dining room. However, if you want your dining table to be more space-efficient, make sure you choose one wisely. Select a 4-seater folding dining table with folding dining chairs. The dining table has a storage area where all the 4 chairs can be kept when not in use. Browse Mobel Furniture’s latest collection of Foldable Dining Tables

Sofa cum Bed – Save space and money!

Why limit the sofa to only a wide seating area? During the day, your L shaped Sofa can look stunning as the seating arrangement. When you wish to use it as a bed, just slide out the extension and behold – your sofa becomes a double bed! The mechanism is super easy and the comfort is great. Your kids will love the cozy bed till they have a room of their own! You can easily accommodate your guest even if you don’t have a separate guest room. While you effectively utilise space you also save your money as your sofa doubles up as a bed. Take a look at some modern sofa cum beds.

Image Courtesy – of Adelaide Sofa Lounger by Mobel Furniture

Open shelves – no more boxy cabinets!

Image Courtesy – Pinterest

Speak about minimalism, and open wall shelves are an ideal example. These shelves come without the usual cabinet doors that can be opened or closed, and make your bedroom, living room or kitchen look spacy. Open shelving is the current trend incorporated by most furniture brands across the world. Visually, your room will look more spacious without heavy cabinetry with doors. Add a pop of colour and a décor to spruce up your open shelf.

Looking for compact space saving furniture? Take a look at the modern designs at Mobel Furniture, one of the leading furniture stores in Kolkata and having several outlets across East India. There is an array of space-saving furniture that is meant to bring comfort and style to your home.

Top 5 home office trending ideas to make the ideal home workstation

With the whole world battling the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us are left with no choice but to work from home. Previously work from home was not heard of quite often in India, but now, the scenario is quite different. However, if you do not have a proper home office setting, it becomes difficult for you to focus on work. We decided to explore the top 5 home office ideas that are trending and are sure to work well for your regular work-from-home days –

  1. Staying Comfortable – Being in your own skin is important when you work. For this, make sure you choose the right furniture – the kind of home office desk and chairs that will help you to sit comfortably for long hours at work. Working in a relaxed posture increases your work efficiency and makes you feel less stressed and more at ease with work. What’s more, it also helps you to enhance your creativity in work.
  2. Ensuring space-saving solutions – Manage your work space effectively. Go for a work space arrangement that lets other people easily accommodate in your room. Therefore, foldable, space-friendly furniture is a must-have at your room to have the best of space optimization.
  3. Better home office lighting – The key to a good home office is the perfect amount of lighting. Abundant lighting makes your workplace look and feel so much better. It instantly lifts your mood and lets you avoid the adverse health effects of poor lighting. However, learn to strike a balance between your room’s natural lighting and the artificial lighting and create that perfect work-friendly environment. To enhance the feel of your room, you can even place a classy table lamp on your desk.

4. A compact space-saving home office desk with chair – When you are working from home, you cannot do away with some of the most essential things. These include your laptop with charger, a printer, phone with charger, stationery and a bottle of water. Therefore, create a space that has all your essentials in the desk itself. Choose a compact portable home office desk with chair, since it is ideal for you working from home.

5. Adding a personalized touch to your home office – Lastly, surround your home workstation by what you love. Add a nice portrait or photography – something that makes you feel at peace with yourself. A nice indoor plant can also add life and spruce up your room with freshness.

If you are looking for a compact, space-friendly computer desk or an ergonomic chair that takes minimal space, don’t forget to take a look into Mobel Furniture, one of the leading furniture stores in Kolkata.

Image Courtesy of Manny Pantoja on Unsplash

5 Inexpensive DIY Wall Décor Ideas For Your Home

Are you on the hunt for some amazing DIY wall décor ideas that won’t break the bank? Great, you’ve come to the right place. At Mobel, we did an extensive research and came across some creative wall designs, cool painting ideas and interesting DIY home décor projects which we absolutely had to share with you. DIY home wall décor ideas are fascinating, creative and a fun way to bring together the entire family over the weekend.

Postcard Wall Décor:
Love collecting postcards? Use a collage of postcards like Pantone postcards or these penguin classic covers and display it on a foam board to create an inexpensive and unique wall art solution. Looks amazing, isn’t it?

(Image Source:

Paper Rosettes Backdrop:
Turn your wall into a creative photo booth backdrop with bright paper rosettes. Mix and match different colored papers for a cheerful look. It is a great way to spruce your walls and add a burst of colors to your room without burning a hole in your pocket.

(Image Source:

Scrabble Wall Art:
Wall display with photographs can get monotonous as almost everyone you know uses this décor in their homes. Rather, try out something playful and ingenious to give your wall an air of exclusivity. Make a wood scrabble with names of all your family members. The final product is awesome and is certain to add pure awesomeness to your home.

scrabble wall art
(Image Source:

String Art:
String art is our favorite home wall décor project ideas as it is creative, inexpensive, colorful, fun and easy to make. Who could ask for anything more? All you would need to create your own diy string art is assorted colors of yarn, linoleum nails, foam board and watch your dead walls come alive.


(Image Source:

Geometric Painting:
The best thing about this project is that it can be done on a large canvas. The large scale puts the wall back in focus and all it involves is simple painting and some basic taping. You can choose a palette as bold as in the image below or go for something demure. The possibilities are innumerable with this technique!

geometric patern

Have more interesting home decor ideas? Please share them with us in the comments below.

Fun Décor Ideas for Childrens’ Bedrooms

Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be quite challenging, but it doesn’t mean that you have to cut back on style. In fact, designing a child’s bedroom can be very exciting as it opens up a whole new world of décor possibilities. Kids’ room décor gives you the perfect getaway to be as brave, bold, colorful or magical as you and your kid want. Team Mobel will help you steal some amazing children’s bedroom ideas ranging from furniture to accessories and more. Let the décor begin.

Pretty in Pink:
A pink themed bedroom is sure to make your little princess dance with joy. This beautifully designed pink themed bedroom surely creates the effect of a dreamy oasis infused with different variations of pink shades.


Dual Wallpaper:
When you want your kids to share a room, at times it can be difficult to find a middle ground that rightly reflects the personality of each kid. Times like these calls for the use of two different wallpaper prints. Using 2 different wallpapers will ensure that no one has to compromise and everyone is happy.

(Image Source:

Fun Map Wall:
You can cover a whole wall with a world map wall decal which can serve as both wall décor and education. Both kids and teens are sure to appreciate the beauty they offer and simultaneously start to absorb a little geography with each passing day. And if you have family and friends around the world, attach their photos to a fabric map panel to help your kid understand where his extended family and parent’s friends live.

(Image Source:

Climbing Wall:
Is your kid fond of climbing? Get hold of rungs and rock climbing holds to install on the room walls and watch your kid become a climbing pro! These are not only super cool for words but they also promote healthy exercise. You can also install floating shelves on the adjacent wall to hold your kid’s favorite collection of toys. If he is too tired to climb, he can ask you to get him the toys or he can go get them himself by using the wall holds. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

(Image Source:

Superhero Themed Bedroom:
Want to jazz up your child’s bedroom by incorporating their favorite superhero without having a wall mural painted? Furniture application and statement posters are a perfect solution to get the theme rolling! This Spiderman theme bedroom set has a perfect blend of blue, white and red. You will be their superhero once you are finished doing this room.


7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas You Will Love

Good kitchen interior designs aren’t necessarily exclusive to large kitchens, designed by famous interior designers. You can design one yourself if you have the big picture on your mind and a few good kitchen design ideas that will help you keep your small kitchen area well-functional, organized and beautiful.

Before we get started it is important to remember that a good home kitchen design has the right combination of functionality and beauty. Clean lines, efficient, durable materials and modern aesthetics are what you need to get that perfect small kitchen for your home. In this blog, we will talk about 7 kitchen design and décor ideas, something for everyone, some of them luxurious while others for people who love simple kitchen designs. Let’s get started, shall we?

Drop-Leaf Table:
Love the idea of an eat-in kitchen but a large dining table just won’t fit in your small kitchen area? Try a drop-leaf dining table, ideal kitchen design for small spaces. They are truly Godsend and thanks to the hinged flaps that can be flipped up when you have an extra guest drop in. They can also be tucked in without any hassle when not in use. Additionally, the center of the table can be used at all times to serve as an extra prep space.

Useful-Drop-Leaf-Kitchen-Tables-for-Small-Spaces(Image Source:

Under- Cabinet Lighting:
Nothing makes a small kitchen feel more claustrophobic and cramped than poor lighting. A few under-cabinet lights go a long way in making your tiny kitchen more workable, functional and brighter.

kits1_big(Image Source:

Go Big With Open Shelves:
Hate to try open shelving because dusting scares you away? Kitchen cabinets not only take up more space in a small kitchen but also limit space usage whereas open shelves do come with the possibility of increasing your storage options. It helps to make the small space look open and airy. Open shelves are actually easy to organize and are inexpensive. Install them and flaunt your pretty dishware.

open shelving(Image Source:

Space-Savvy Banquettes:
Banquettes are ideal for cramped areas and make the most of the often unused spaces. These maximize seating options and the storage space beneath the benches provides ample space to store away serving platters, table linens and other dining accessories. A collection of comfy throw pillows makes the seating area comfortable and inviting.

banquettes(Image Source:

Pull Out Drawers:
Pull out drawers are your answer to a cleaner, neater and more organized storage solution for your small kitchen. Include pull out drawers in your kitchen cupboard designs list to create an efficient storage space. Install several tiers of drawers and fit all your cooking accouterments without going crazy.

home-design(Image Source:

Corner Cabinet:
Make good use of an empty corner with a wall mounted cabinet and transform the area into a valuable storage space. Conveniently store away canned good, spices and so much more.

Under-shelf Cup Hooks:
Make open shelving work harder by fixing cup hooks to the underside. Not only do mugs look lovely displayed this way, but you’ll also free up cupboard space for other things.

6599-03-01_RT72A(Image Source:

Winter Home Décor Ideas

Winter is coming! No, I am not talking about Game of Thrones (GOT Addicts will know what this is about). I am talking about December; it’s here and with it brings the official start of winter. As the crisp cold wind blows, it brings a freezing chill in the air. For times like these, there’s no place better than a warm cozy home.
With the change of the seasons, a change in décor adds freshness in our homes. However, not everyone can afford to redo their homes at the turn of the seasons but here at Mobel we offer smart and affordable décor tips for all that will add a sense of appeal, warmth and style as we gear up for the cold months.

Colour palette for winter:
The power that different hues have shouldn’t be understated. Winter calls for warm colors which evokes a sense of comfort and coziness. Bring the warmth of sunshine indoors with colors like burnt orange, yellow, pumpkin, amber and reds. Use these colors in the form of wall paints, accessories or furnishings to create a clever cozy space.


(Image Source:

Window Treatments:
Right amount of light and warmth improves the ambiance of the room and makes it more inviting. So, invest in window treatments that invite the most of sunlight during the cold seasons. Blinds and shutters offer versatility for every season. It gives you the flexibility to choose and control how much natural light and fresh air you want to welcome inside your room. During winters, you can open the blinds to invite the warmth of the afternoon sun and as soon as the sun sets, you can close the blinds to shut out the cold chilly air.


(Image Source:

Aroma for winter:
When we talk about winters we cannot miss talking about cakes and cookies. The sweet smell of the goodies baking in the oven adds to the sensory delights of a warm and inviting winter home. Use incense sticks and scented candles to ease out the winter blues.


(Image Source:

Winter-friendly décor:
Faux fur throws, home-knitted blankets, soft fluffy cushion and warm quilts, need I say more? These winter friendly décors are as indulgent as these are beautiful. Replace the modern and sleek accessories with homely tones to add a touch of an earthy palette.


(Image Source:

This winter use these tips to transform your house into a cozy home that gives its owners and guests a warm hug!

Master The Art Of Bedroom Décor With These 4 Amazing Ideas

Coming up with unique bedroom decorating ideas can be fun; however implementing them according to the plan can be an entirely different story. To avoid the snags, the primary thing that you need to focus on when brainstorming is to carefully analyze your bedroom interiors and take into consideration the space you have available. Once you have a clear idea about the space, it’s time to have fun.

Keep in mind what is both appealing and practical for your bedroom. An Olympic size swimming pool in a bedroom might look amazing when do a Google search but they are far from reality (unless you are filthy rich of course). However, these ideas will trigger other ideas that may suit your needs and work better for you.

Refresh Your Walls:
Each season welcomes a fresh burst of hues in décor and fashion. This winter gives way to colors like mustard yellow, soft gray, earthy brown, cranberry, golden glimmer, celadon green, champagne pink and teal. Update your wall décor with one of these hues. You need not paint all the walls in the room, just pick one wall and you are set. Alternatively, you can pump up your existing accent color by simply applying a fresh coat over it. Repainting or replacing a few furniture and accessories can completely change the look of your bedroom décor with minimal effort, time and expense. You can create a relaxing ambiance with soft earthy tones or choose a more vibrant style with bold and bright colors.



Canopy Bed:
Love the look of a canopy bed but have a low budget? Here’s an affordable way to create canopy bliss in your bedroom. Mount a curtain rod or a single hoop to the ceiling right in the middle of your bed and drape fabric from the loop to the end of the bed. There are few more variations as to how to create a canopy bed, but this style is our favorite.

(Image Source:

Colorful Headboard:
Try a mix of bold colors to use as a focal point for the wall above your bed. Bring home an eclectic rug, drape it over a rod and hang it on the wall above the bed. It adds a youthful pattern without a permanent commitment. You can take down the rug anytime you want and substitute it with a different pattern to give your bedroom a new look.

55001fc6c5b75-rug-headboard-diy-de(Image Source:

Glam Gallery:
Are you an art lover? Let your bedroom reflect your love for art. Instead to committing to just a single piece of art, group several photographs, artworks and paintings of various sizes and display it on the walls to create one-of-a-kind look.

(Image Source:


4 Creative DIY Home Décor Ideas To Revamp Your Place

Interior designers can at times charge a bomb to décor your home, so whip up your very own room décor instead. All you’ll need are a few accessories and craft supplies to roll out our DIY home décor and design ideas.

Dip-Dyed Napkins:
Impress your guests with this clever DIY project. Pre-wash the fabric you intend to use to prep it for dyeing. Choose a dye and follow the instructions on the product to create a dye bath in your bucket. Once it is ready, dip the napkin halfway into the dye and leave in to absorb the dye. It is best to dye it for an hour before taking it out. Once you are satisfied, remove it from the dye and wash it using your textile detergent. After washing, dry it and finally iron it. These napkins are a great addition to any dining table.  You can always customize it to the color scheme of your choice. Have fun, I am sure you will enjoy the DIY table setting with these beautiful napkins.


(Image Source:

Candle Lampshade:
Add a couple of DIY lamps and make your dining table shine a little brighter. Take a wine glass and pop in a flameless LED tea light candle in it. Cover the opening with a paper shade and give it the shape of a lampshade. These elegant small wonders can create an incredibly enchanting ambiance to the room. Try it and welcome a mood of pure romance.


(Image Source:

Patterned Dresser:
Spruce up an old chest of drawer with fresh paint, new hardware and patterned wallpaper. If you like a particular print, use sample swatches and get the job done without having to break the bank. You can mix and match multiple patterns and colors to give a colorful and youthful look or stick to just one pattern to render a more uniform look.


Pillow Pocket:
Do you often misplace your TV remote? It’s even more frustrating when your favorite game or soap is on air and you can’t find the device. Worry not, it’s time to bid adieu to the bad days with this clever home décor project. Things you’ll need- a throw pillow or cushion which comes with a removable cover, a back pocket from a pair of jeans and a fusible webbing(if sewing is not your thing!)

Carefully cut the pockets out of the pants and sandwich the webbing between the back of the pocket edges and the cover. Run an iron over it to seal the webbing. Put the cover back, relax on your sofa and enjoy your favorite game without ever having to worry about misplacing the TV remote again!


(Image Source:

All your home needs are a few quick changes. Try out these DIY home décor projects and give your boring space a low-cost facelift. 

5 Inspiring Living Room Makeover Ideas

From easy DIY projects to complete living room overhauls, the mere thought of re-doing and revamping the tiniest of spaces can be overwhelming. But, team Mobel has come up with a list of 5 amazing living room décor ideas that are easy, doable and on a budget. Check out these fun tips and get inspired to do your own makeover projects.


Timeless & Trendy:
The right thing to invest in when it comes to interior décor is great furniture that you’ll love forever. Trends and styles change but a timeless furniture can elegantly carry any accessory or trend you might want to layer in a few years from now. So the 1st thing to do is to invest in quality furniture and incorporate less expensive accessories and accents that seem to catch your attention right now. A neutral shaded sofa set can complement a cheerful collection of colorful pillows splashed across it. Later, different shades of pillow cover can easily replace the current décor for a new look at a pocket-friendly price.

Paint the Walls:
Decorating a living room is like making a recipe- you’ll need quality essentials in order to create a strong foundation and a sufficient dose of flavor to make the final result memorable. Here, durable and quality furniture acts as the foundation, whereas color adds the adequate amount of spice to bring out the flavor. Neutral hues can serve as the perfect base for your living room but if you want to work with numerous shades of bright and colorful accents, consider before painting whether you want to go all out and paint your walls bold or want the walls to be a secondary feature.

Turn Up the Dazzle:
Add panache to neutral living rooms by introducing mirrored, shiny and metallic surfaces. Modern living room décor greatly benefits from the addition of chrome finish lamps and furniture and cool looking metallic mirrors. And if you are in love with the idea of classics, introduce some gold or silver frames, polished brass accents and gilded furniture finishes.

Cozy Corner or Gaming Spot:
A pub table makes a perfect spot to play board games and gives value to a neglected small corner that otherwise go unused. You can brighten up the wall with classic damask wall stencils. Alternatively, you can also turn this spot into a cozy reading nook with a comfy bean bag and a stylish arc floor lamp.

Bookcase Facelift:
Display your prized possessions by revamping the built-ins for display over storage space. All you need to do is simply remove all shelves from the built-ins and paint the back of the shelves with a color that will complement the décor of the living room. Next, install floating shelves on the wall which stands blank now with books of your choice. If you are not a book-lover, you can always substitute them with display items.

Want awesome bedroom décor ideas? Read our blog 6 Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas to transform your bedroom into a stylish haven.

Our 6 Favorite Christmas Home Décor Ideas for 2016

Christmas house decoration ideas are Mobel’s gift to you this festive season! Check out our top 6 Christmas decorations for your home that are sure to get everyone in the festive holiday spirit.

Mercury Magic:

With the festive season about to kick in, guests pouring in for Christmas celebration will be a common thing. Use assorted glass jars and place them on your coffee table to add a festive glow to the living room. For a frosty, opaque look, add the mercury magic effect by misting the glass jars’ inner surface with water. Following that, spray some on-looking glass paint to create a mystic mercury magic effect.


(Image Source:

Christmas Chandelier:

Add some extra holiday cheer by bringing light fixtures in the big picture. Around the base of a chandelier use some pine branches or holly berry and drape ribbons, also, add glass décor ornaments or accessories to render a more rustic Christmas décor.


(Image Source:

Snowflake Coasters:

Have the skills to knit with a crochet needle? Yes? Then put your skills to use this festive season by stitching up snowflake coasters for your guest’ mocktails and cocktails. They look pretty and set the tone for Christmas festivities. Get your yarn and start knitting.


(Image Source:

Dangling Ornaments on Staircase:

Give your staircase a grand appearance by wrapping garlands and lights around the railings. Stars, baubles, ribbons and other décor accessories look just as amazing hanging from the garland wrapped around the railing as they do when hung on a Christmas tree.


(Image Source:

Mix Neutral Hues:

Skip the traditional blend of green and red and embrace the white and gold décor. Sometimes it’s best to steer clear of the traditional hues and drape the tablescape in neutral hues to add a sophisticated touch in your Christmas room décor.


(Image Source:

Kitchen Makeover:

Holidays and good food go hand in hand, so don’t forget about your kitchen when it is time to revamp the decor for the festive season. Simply swap the existing dish towels and oven mitts with Christmas themed counterparts and add a rich green garland decorated with twinkling lights and red ribbons across the kitchen cabinets. Red or white snowflake stickers can be adhered to the cupboard doors as well.


(Image Source: