Imminent summer interior design trends you’ll be drooling over

Summer is here and with it comes all the fun and play. Summers brings fresh vibes, new ideas and great energy. The same energy and fresh vibes can be spread into our homes and summer interior designs. Interior designs are something we decide after considering a lot of things and a lot of discussions. Summer is full of fun and the same fun can be brought to interior designs too. Here are some of the top summer interior designs that can be followed.

Natural fibres

Usage of natural fibres in interior designs never gets old and is one of the best summer interior design ideas. Natural fibres can be used in many interesting ways that can bring a natural look to your home.

Granny patterns

When it comes to interior designs, old fashion is the new fashion. Granny pattern includes floral pattern, busy fabrics and plenty of trim. To have a granny look you can look for patterned sofas, cushions, wallpaper etc.

Nautical themes

Greys, blues and whites are all strong colours for interior designs this summer. You can add reflective elements to your room such as nautical mirrors. The nautical themes are great in breaking of the colour palette. Be bold to use distressed woods and dark colours in your summer interior designs.

Tropical trends

Summer speaks about bright colours and fresh vibes and tropical interior designs are best for it. Tropical trends include pineapple print cushion covers and citrus themed curtains to palm wallpapers and upholstery. You can brighten up your home with tropical colours.

There are other trending themes like the muted palette, brass and bronze and many others for the best summer interior looks. For better interiors, you need amazing furniture. If you are thinking of buying furniture online in Kolkata for your new summer interiors, at Mobel Homestore we have the latest designs for summer interiors.

Design your family living room with a friendly atmosphere

The living room is a space where most of the family memories are captured – weekend chill zone, party plans or just cuddling together on the couch for a family movie date. It is also the same living room which becomes a bustling cross-road where everyone just travels back and forth and other activities occurring at the same time. Designing a family living room is as much critical as much it sounds fun. It needs to have cozy and soft furniture keeping in mind the comfort and good vibes the family should get. After all, the best memories are made in the living room.

So while you are planning your living room, ensure that you are keeping in mind the requirements of all the members as this is a common space for all and you surely don’t want to miss out on any member’s comfort to have the full family together in the living room. First is to think about how to use the living room space. It is advised to keep the floor a little clear and spacious for people to move around freely, which might require you to choose the furniture size accordingly or maybe just moving a few of the furniture here and there to make that adjustment. While Sofa is the centre of the living room, along with being really cosy it needs to be of the perfect size and design for the family to fit in, with not occupying too much of space but homely enough for the ‘Family Time’. Modular Sofas that can be reconfigured to suit your necessities are a smart thought. Keeping armchairs with comfy cushions is also a good idea and highly preferred.

This might look like too much of hopping before you finally do the shopping of buying a sofa, but with Mobel Home Store you can buy furniture online. Just select from a wide range of varied sofa sets that are perfect for your living room and buy a sofa set online. Be rest assured of their quality as these are the leading furniture dealers in the Eastern Region.

Mistakes To Avoid To Keep Your Living Room From Becoming A Disaster

Apart from being the place where you and your family sit together, your living room is also meant for entertaining guests. Hence, you must make sure that your living room is stylish, oozes comfort, and is well decorated. While most of us would like to hire a professional designer or a stylist, our budget does not allow for it. And this is one of the main reasons why we end up making inevitable mistakes.

If you’re wondering how to avoid these mistakes, you may consult us at MoBEL. As the best furniture store in Kolkata, you can not only buy furniture online from us but we can also help you decorate your living room ideally. For starters, below are a few mistakes that you must avoid to keep your living room from becoming a disaster:

1. Selecting the wrong sofa

Nothing spoils the mood of a room like a wrong piece of furniture. If you want to avoid choosing the wrong sofa set, you should stick to something simple as they are easy to style. Stay away from overly ornate details like curved legs, winged arms, tufts, and nail heads. At MoBEL, you will find the best collections of sofa sets, with the facility to buy sofa set online from the comfort of your home. Apart from sofa sets, you may also buy dining table online.

2. Too many elements

Since the living room is the first thing a person sees when he or she walks into the room, many people tend to display all their prized possessions here. This leads to the living area ultimately looking like a store and losing its functionality. You must remember that your living room is not a place to fill up with furniture or accessories.

3. Lack of a focal point

Most people forget to create a focal point in their living room. This results in all the furniture being placed randomly, which gives an unwanted messy look to the room. Hence, create a focal point in your living room (TV, a painting, a fireplace, etc.) to give it a more organized and smart look.

4. Lack of a properly sized rug

One of the main offenders in living room designing is a poorly sized rug. Unless you have a tiny living room, you must stay away from small rugs as they bring imbalance to a room. An appropriately large rug visually extends the space and gives a finished look to the interior.

Secrets For Making The Most Out Of Your Small Space Like A Pro

When you’re trying to cram all your belongings in a small space, it’s hard to appreciate the advantages of a small house or apartment. For us at MoBEL, the leading furniture store in Kolkata, small means beautiful, efficient, and economical. Buy furniture online from us or simply contact us and we can turn your small space into your paradise. Below are a few life-saving tips to get you started:

1. Opt for a clean palette

Small rooms look smaller when they are burdened with lots of dark or vivid colours. To have the best backdrop for your furniture, use neutral colours and textures on the walls, floors, and ceilings. If you are a fan of bright colours, you can bring it out on the accessories.

2. Let lots of light in

Light is an important element in enhancing the look and feel of your small space. Do not cover up the light sources. Use sheers instead of heavy drapes on your windows and let as much light in as possible. You can also use mirrors to reflect the light to the unreachable corners. If your room does not have windows or any other way of letting natural light in, we can help furnish your space with bright and beautiful lights.

3. Don’t think square

Small rooms often end up looking like shoe boxes due to design errors. Square furniture in a small room is exactly what you don’t want even in your worst nightmare. Think out of the box and install round or triangulated furniture in the room. These are spacious while saving space at the same time. Round dining tables and sofa sets are a great choice for your small apartment. At MoBEL, you can buy all these furniture online in Kolkata.

4. Use the walls

One of the best space management techniques for small spaces is to use the wall as much as possible. Mount your TV on the wall, get a wall desk and install wall cabinets to save huge amounts of space and make your place look bigger than ever. At MoBEL, we offer the best of the above in East India.

Interior decor trends for the year 2019

As we move into a new year, there has to be progressiveness in the design style and pattern of our home decor ideas and we got to set new trends. Every year, there is a certain trend of colors and patterns that follows and is favored by many. A reputed furniture store in Kolkata has brought quite a few tips that could be a preferred audience choice. Have a look below:


1. Colour of this year: Bottle green color with matte black goes well with furniture that has high shine and beautiful cuts and edges. The room furniture should have a textile that is vibrant or a deep green colored set on a marble floor.
2. With multi-purpose furniture and built-ins that are modern and movable is becoming a more preferred choice for young millennial and such design trends that are comfy and innovative grabs the attention of modern buyers today.
3. Compact yet multi-purpose furnishing with a touch of modern cuts and edges are the new preferred choice of individuals as this encourages a minimalistic look while instigating a good conversation with people around.
4. Curved furnishings are impactful as in the recent trends these have won over audience attention over straight cuts and rigid lined furnishing. The curves and shapes give it a modern look and a luxurious feel.
5. Geometrical and other patterns have been a taste of classic interiors since forever. Such offset prints and designs look good even in the most minimalistic rooms. Such prints always add some form of art in the simplistic yet modern decors.

While you research on the trends of interior designing and home decor, have you ever wondered if you get all such trendy ideas and decor stuffs at one place. How nice it would be to buy furniture online and set your home furnishing as per your wish in this progressive year. Well, if you’re looking to buy Furniture online in Kolkata, then you may just visit Mobel home store as they have all sorts of new and trendy furniture at the most reasonable price to meet your home decor goals.

Spectacular Living Room Décor Ideas 2016


Many homeowners are extremely particular about their living room interior. And why shouldn’t they? After all, it is the most important and spacious room in the house which not only welcomes guests but also reflects one’s way of life and taste. If you are one those people who is on the lookout for some living room decorating ideas, you have come to the right place. With our décor ideas, you can make your living room look like a million dollar deal without having to spend a million bucks.

Today, we will be talking about 10 Spectacular Living Décor Ideas which are both pretty and enticing.

0006219_avalon_sofa_setMix Eclectic with Tradition:

If you are one of those people who want the best of both worlds, then go ahead and mix some eclectic accessories with classic and elegant furniture pieces. The accessories can include a multitude of patterns, art items and fabrics. “Home accents like rugs, paintings, objects d’art, and throw pillows are convenient ways to bring a considered mismatch into any room,” says Joybird.

Floor to Ceiling Bookcases:

Make wall for a bright hued floor to ceiling bookcase. A bright shade will breathe life into a dull living room. And if you are a bibliophile, you will never want to leave this paradise ever. Will you?

Bring Geometry in the Big Picture:

A geometric patterned rug adds a stylish vibe to any living room. Pair them with trend-setting furniture for a decorous, barefoot- friendly living space.

Shine With A Chandelier:

Make a statement in your living room by adding a grand chandelier to the room. A beautiful chandelier can dazzle to any living room. If you prefer to go the modern way, choose a sleek crystal chandelier to complement your modern living room designs. Chandeliers are gaining back their popularity according to home décor experts at MoBEL.

Floor Lamps To Illuminate A Space:

Amplify your style by using floor lamps. These act as delightful lighting accessories that create an inviting space for your guests and friends. To add a little glitter to the scene, choose a floor lamp which has hanging crystals. The result is pretty stunning, we have to say.

Tell us how you liked our list of spectacular living room décor ideas which we have shared with you. If you are looking for some DIY home décor ideas, check out our blog 5 Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas.

6 Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedrooms that are stylish and elegant can also at the same time be bold, bright or romantic. There are numerous ways in which one can stylize Bedroom Interiors and offer a cozy personalized retreat. Modern bedroom interior can be glam, contemporary, bright, minimalistic, romantic or even classic. It all depends on the taste and style of the owner.

Bedroom Set

Glam: If glam is the look you prefer, make sure to keep the surfaces uncluttered and don’t forget to add a combination of rich textures, warm materials and soothing colors. To take it one step further, add a few pools of light fixtures and you gift yourself a perfect escape for a cozy haven of relaxation. The ambiance created by this type of bedroom strikes a perfect balance between elegance and class.

Contemporary: A bedroom which is relaxing and tranquil can offer a wonderful getaway. If contemporary bedroom decor is the style which best suits your taste, here’s how you can decorate it. The symmetry of the interior and the décor are the 2 most important details to pay most attention to. Decorate the room by teaming up crisp white linens with monochrome accents. To make this bedroom more “contemporary”, hang floor length curtains on either side of the window frames. Wondering how that’s going to help? It will instantly create the illusion of elevated height and larger windows. Additionally, it also maximizes the light and breeze coming into the room thus making it light and airy.

Bright & Colorful: If you want your bedroom to represent your bold and bright personality, then accentuate it by painting the walls bright. A bright yellow wall will immediately bring the interior bang up-to-date, thus freshening the room and bringing the whole space to life. Bright and colorful rooms also bring in with them a happy feel to the room. Add a set of mismatched frames and a chandelier to contrast perfectly with the bold wall giving it oodles of personality and character.

Minimalist: If you are a firm believer in the ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ spirit, then you will certainly feel at home with minimal spaces. The mantra of a minimalistic bedroom décor is having only essential furniture and bright white walls to make the most of light. Throw in some contrasting beddings and rugs to add vibrancy to the room.

Romantic: To create the perfect romantic bedroom décor, the first thing which needs to be done is to get rid of your existing furniture and make room for a bed with clean lines. Elegant bedding is the perfect companion for a romantic bedroom interior. Finally, add a mix of warm colors, solid furniture and infuse your favorite fragrance to give your room a touch of romance.

Classic: Refined elegance is what sets a classic bedroom décor apart from the herd. Choose simple color palettes if you plan a classic décor for your bedroom. A combination of blue and grey makes for a wonderfully subtle master bedroom. This design is about artistry and sophistication. Add boldly ornate décor pieces like a chandelier and combine with pastels to render your bedroom a classic unique look.
Transform your bedroom into a stylish haven with these Modern Bedroom Décor Ideas.

5 Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas

Home décor experts from Mobel are all about providing easy yet stunning DIY projects to spruce up you home without spending too much money. Dig into our unique and amazing DIY projects library for interesting ways to infuse personality into your home.

Wallpaper the Stairs

Give your home a complete facelift by adding gorgeous wallpapers to the stair risers. It is one of the easiest ways to enhance the interior of your home and create an eye-catching centerpiece.

Mobel Stairs Wallpaper


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Artful Lampshade

Plain white lampshades when given a personal touch, offers a unique alternative to the sea of plain lampshades found out there in the mass market! Add a paper design of your choice to the inner lining of the plain lampshade or simply draw a design on the outer surface to give your bedroom or living room an artful treat.



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Mason Window Jars

Did you ever think that mason jars can be amazing elements to add charm to any window? Well, they do. They beautifully dress up your windows and make them look good. So, you see, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to bring home beautiful window treatments. Add candles or flowers to the mason jars and hang them from the top of the window by using some command hook and jute.



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Stencil Text On Fabric

Pair marker with a stencil and give new look to fabrics. Use them to stencil your favorite quote on pillow cover, table runner, cloth napkin- basically anything you can think of! When you have stenciled the quote on the fabric, leave it to dry for a couple of hours. Finally, press the fabric before washing to prevent any ink bleeding.

stenciled pillow


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Put Memories In A Bottle

Regular picture frames can be found everywhere, try something new. Take your favorite photos and display them inside unusual-shaped bottles. Get hold of some pretty tiny shells, some decorative beads or colored sand and place them in the bottom of each bottle.  Next, roll up the photo and slide it inside the bottle. Finally, seal the bottle with a fancy cork and some pretty trinkets.


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Advantages of Installing Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is an often recurring dream for most Home Décor enthusiasts. The rich brown color with the natural sheen looks incredibly sophisticated and chic. The ethereal beauty offered by wooden flooring is sure to cast an instant warmth and patina to any home. Can you recall the time when you were tagged along with your parents to visit a distant relative or family friend and you noticed the flooring made of wood? The footsteps were so prominent as you crossed the hallway. It rings a bell right? Old fashioned houses still have wooden flooring. However, these days, the alternative to wooden flooring is laminated wooden flooring. Lets check out the top 4 advantages of installing wooden flooring.

 Wooden Flooring

Looks: The look that a wooden floor offers is incomparable to any other form of flooring.     The best thing about wooden flooring is that it goes with every type of Home Décor accent available under the sun. The phrase “beauty lies in simplicity” goes best for wooden flooring.

Value: It goes without saying that this type of flooring looks like a million dollar affair, and should you ever plan to sell your house, it will instantly crank up the value of your     home several notches up. Now, that’s awesome, isn’t it?

Timeless Beauty: If taken proper care, Wooden Flooring can last a lifetime. They don’t get easily worn away by the ravages of time. And if hardwood happens to fall victim to partial     wearing( which hardly happens), rest assured that repairing them will not suck the     life-force out of you!

Easy Maintenance: Yes you read it right. Maintaining and caring for wooden floors isn’t as difficult as it looks. Go for vacuum or regular cleaning on alternate days and don’t forget to use a wood cleaner whenever you think the floors could do with a little polish.     Laminated wooden flooring is way easier to clean than hardwood flooring, for     unlike the hardwood, the laminated flooring bears the brunt of scratches and moisture.

As Keats had rightly said “A thing of beauty is joy forever”, the beauty of wooden flooring is sure to spruce up your family pad instantly and stay with you for generations to come.

Cleaning Window Blinds Made Easy

Window blinds are practical and effective solutions to light control and privacy, but cleaning them properly can be a herculean task. Dust easily gathers on blinds just as it settles on an other surface, but with Mobel’s helpful tips and tricks, you can easily take away the stress of cleaning your window blinds.

 Venetian Blinds: The horizontal slats on the Venetian blinds gather dust easily. Because of this, the Venetian blinds can at times be off-putting. In spite of all this, there is an easy solution to the weekly cleaning of the blinds which will take very little of your time. There are two simple ways of getting it done. First, keep the blinds open so that the slats are parallel to each other. Take a piece of an old cloth or a duster and gently wipe across each slat to remove the dust. Second, if your vacuum cleaner has an upholstery tool or attachment, you can use it to gently clean the slats without even opening the blinds. But while doing so make sure that the suction power of the vacuum is turned low so that you accidentally don’t pull the slats out of shape.


Vertical Blinds: Unlike the Venetian blinds, these window blinds doesn’t require a huge amount of cleaning. For weekly cleaning of the blinds, close the blinds so that all the slats flatten out making the surface uniform for cleaning. You can then easily wipe the flattened slats with a soft cloth or duster. But remember, while doing so don’t exert much force on the blinds lest they bend or break. When you are done cleaning one side, simply flip the blinds rounds and repeat the process.

It is recommended that you go for a deeper cleaning once every year. To do so, simply leave the blinds soaked in mild detergent for 10-15mins and then wash them under running water. Dry them outdoors. That way you can dry the vertical blinds without marking or creasing.


Roller Blinds: Another kind of blinds which is relatively easier to clean is the Roller blinds. Before picking up that duster, roll the blind all the way down and then gently wipe them using the duster or simply with a piece of cloth. Sometimes you tend to stain your blinds, but you can easily get rid of those stains by dabbing in some gentle liquid detergent on the affected area. Damp a cloth and wash the detergent off. But before doing so, check with your supplier if the type of fabric used for the blind, supports washing liquid.


Now you know that cleaning window blinds is not that difficult, right? And if you are looking for new window blinds, drop by at Mobel Furniture and browse through a wide variety of beautiful window blinds. Thanks for reading. Come back for more tips, tricks and the latest trends in home decor.