Interior decor trends for the year 2019

As we move into a new year, there has to be progressiveness in the design style and pattern of our home decor ideas and we got to set new trends. Every year, there is a certain trend of colors and patterns that follows and is favored by many. A reputed furniture store in Kolkata has brought quite a few tips that could be a preferred audience choice. Have a look below:


1. Colour of this year: Bottle green color with matte black goes well with furniture that has high shine and beautiful cuts and edges. The room furniture should have a textile that is vibrant or a deep green colored set on a marble floor.
2. With multi-purpose furniture and built-ins that are modern and movable is becoming a more preferred choice for young millennial and such design trends that are comfy and innovative grabs the attention of modern buyers today.
3. Compact yet multi-purpose furnishing with a touch of modern cuts and edges are the new preferred choice of individuals as this encourages a minimalistic look while instigating a good conversation with people around.
4. Curved furnishings are impactful as in the recent trends these have won over audience attention over straight cuts and rigid lined furnishing. The curves and shapes give it a modern look and a luxurious feel.
5. Geometrical and other patterns have been a taste of classic interiors since forever. Such offset prints and designs look good even in the most minimalistic rooms. Such prints always add some form of art in the simplistic yet modern decors.

While you research on the trends of interior designing and home decor, have you ever wondered if you get all such trendy ideas and decor stuffs at one place. How nice it would be to buy furniture online and set your home furnishing as per your wish in this progressive year. Well, if you’re looking to buy Furniture online in Kolkata, then you may just visit Mobel home store as they have all sorts of new and trendy furniture at the most reasonable price to meet your home decor goals.

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