Mistakes To Avoid To Keep Your Living Room From Becoming A Disaster

Apart from being the place where you and your family sit together, your living room is also meant for entertaining guests. Hence, you must make sure that your living room is stylish, oozes comfort, and is well decorated. While most of us would like to hire a professional designer or a stylist, our budget does not allow for it. And this is one of the main reasons why we end up making inevitable mistakes.

If you’re wondering how to avoid these mistakes, you may consult us at MoBEL. As the best furniture store in Kolkata, you can not only buy furniture online from us but we can also help you decorate your living room ideally. For starters, below are a few mistakes that you must avoid to keep your living room from becoming a disaster:

1. Selecting the wrong sofa

Nothing spoils the mood of a room like a wrong piece of furniture. If you want to avoid choosing the wrong sofa set, you should stick to something simple as they are easy to style. Stay away from overly ornate details like curved legs, winged arms, tufts, and nail heads. At MoBEL, you will find the best collections of sofa sets, with the facility to buy sofa set online from the comfort of your home. Apart from sofa sets, you may also buy dining table online.

2. Too many elements

Since the living room is the first thing a person sees when he or she walks into the room, many people tend to display all their prized possessions here. This leads to the living area ultimately looking like a store and losing its functionality. You must remember that your living room is not a place to fill up with furniture or accessories.

3. Lack of a focal point

Most people forget to create a focal point in their living room. This results in all the furniture being placed randomly, which gives an unwanted messy look to the room. Hence, create a focal point in your living room (TV, a painting, a fireplace, etc.) to give it a more organized and smart look.

4. Lack of a properly sized rug

One of the main offenders in living room designing is a poorly sized rug. Unless you have a tiny living room, you must stay away from small rugs as they bring imbalance to a room. An appropriately large rug visually extends the space and gives a finished look to the interior.

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