Investing in quality furniture- A lifetime alluring effect to your home

Furniture plays an important part if your home decor. When comes to buying quality furniture, it seems like an unnecessary expense at first, but in the long run, it proves to be a worthwhile investment. Top quality furniture pieces such as sofas, dining room tables, coffee tables will provide you with years of service especially if they are well maintained. When you decide to buy furniture online and you take the right decision, you feel good about the purchase you made. Here are some reasons why buying quality furniture is worth investment.

Quality is visible

Cheap furniture makes your home and office look cheap. Investing in cheap furniture when furnishing your rental home or first apartment will seem like an acceptable compromise. High-quality live edge furniture your home visually pleasing and adds a contemporary look to your space.


Good quality furniture stays with us for a long period of time. Cheap sofas or dining tables cover their flaws with surface level ornamentation. You must invest in furniture with high structural integrity, fabric with stain resistance and neutral colours.


High-quality furniture gives us a more comfortable environment. It does not add sense when you compromise your comfort and posture by getting the cheapest furniture available. Invest in quality furniture which is durable and will affect your overall well being.

Saves money

Investing in a high-quality piece of furniture can save money for first time home buyers. You can also save money on repairs, especially if you move on on a regular basis. Durable furniture is steady enough to move with you. This means you don’t need to buy new ones every time you move.

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Tips to maintain wooden furniture

The wooden piece at home is the centerpiece of attention. Wooden furniture has its own vintage charms that make your home alluring. But, with time it loses its charm. So, one must give for its maintenance extra care and attention. Maintaining furniture is an extremely rewarding task. But, it’s really important to know what is helpful and what not. Here are some of the tips that could help you maintain your furniture better so that it lasts long.

Proper dusting is important: The right amount of dusting helps in keeping the furniture sparkling for the room. Be sure that you make use of soft, dry, cotton cloth to wipe away the dust. Clean your sofas, tables, cupboards, etc. on a bimonthly basis.

Minimal exposure to sunlight: You must not expose your wooden furniture to sunlight for a prolonged time period. This can result in ‘spotting’ due to which bright and dark spots appear on the cross-section. You can make use of a tablecloth on a wooden table to mitigate its effect.

Age brings grace: With time furniture ages and you need to let it age with grace. Same as wine, it can acquire new characteristics in its twilight years. As time passes, some wood darkens and some lightening. So whenever you are thinking to buy furniture online be mindful of its ageing habits.

Keep away from sharp objects: Make sure you keep sharp objects not too close to wooden furniture. Sharp objects may bring scratches which looks dull.

Oil and wax regularly: Regular oiling and waxing to wooden furniture give it a shiny varnish, so it is highly recommended. It adds a protective layer, a coating on the surface which enhances its appearance.

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5 Office Organizing Tips For Better Productivity

Do you waste a lot of time in your office searching for the right files or paperwork? If yes, then you must consider organizing your office. In fact, one of the most effective time management tips is to have a clean desk and an organized workspace. And while organizing, if you feel the need to buy new office furniture, you contact us at MoBEL. Either way, below are five tips for you to make your office a productive space.

  1. Start with the right approach

It is not necessary for you to organize from scratch. You may organize everything in your office based on their importance, frequency of use, to decrease clutter, to make everything easily accessible, etc.

  1. Organize your desktop/table

Organize all your documents in relevant files. Categorize these files on the basis of importance, functions, specific projects, deadlines, etc. and put it away. The best strategy is to store these in different drawers of your table and labeling them to ensure that the required file is easily found. And if you don’t have such a table that eases your work, you can always buy office table online at MoBEL.

  1. Get the right office chairs

This is one tip that no one will ever tell you. The inclination of your chair is very important to ensure your posture and your approach to work. Your chair should neither be too slanting nor too upright. It can have an impact on your overall attitude towards work. If you feel like you need to buy a chair, you may buy office chairs online at MoBEL. Our chairs will enable you to work comfortably for many hours at a stretch.

  1. Only keep necessary items and have a designated place for each

You don’t really need to have 20 pens or 10 power chords in your office. Only have those items in your office which are absolutely necessary. Assign a designated space for like items and label these spaces. 

  1. Don’t forget digital organization

If you don’t want to lose your precious time searching for digital files, make sure your computer is under your control. Come up with different categories of folders (like client communication, contracts, etc.) and store the relevant files in relevant folders.


Remember the Do’s and Don’ts if you’re buying furniture online

You can locate some unfathomable online furniture bargains; however, there are sure things you should know before making huge investments online. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that would help you save a great deal while you buy furniture – online or offline:

Do consider the reviews: Product surveys are the ideal approach to get a sense for the nature of the product before you purchase furniture on the web. Reviews are based on users past experience and tell you more about the product than the description.

Don’t purchase a piece that you won’t utilize: You ought to keep away from purchasing the furnishings or stylistic theme piece which look attractive and sounds like a good deal but may very well end up in the extra space. Think about how you can amplify the piece, who will utilize it, and where you can put it.

Do check the Colour: Read the description of the furniture to know the precise color of the piece. Try not to depend on what you see. Pictures portray hues all around distinctively relying upon lighting and presentation. This may differ from the original product.

Don’t simply assess the size: Size of the picture cannot be estimated just by looking in the picture. So don’t try to guess. Read the details properly, note the measurements and then programmatically estimate based on the space it would cover. Get out your estimating tape and measure the piece falsely in your home with the tape. Likewise, it’s dependably a smart thought to quantify the space you have to fill before you purchase.

Do consider cost, returns and shipping: Take into the record the expense of transportation in addition to the cost of the furnishings. The sort of transportation is critical too. Make sure the delivery is available at your doorstep.

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Design your family living room with a friendly atmosphere

The living room is a space where most of the family memories are captured – weekend chill zone, party plans or just cuddling together on the couch for a family movie date. It is also the same living room which becomes a bustling cross-road where everyone just travels back and forth and other activities occurring at the same time. Designing a family living room is as much critical as much it sounds fun. It needs to have cozy and soft furniture keeping in mind the comfort and good vibes the family should get. After all, the best memories are made in the living room.

So while you are planning your living room, ensure that you are keeping in mind the requirements of all the members as this is a common space for all and you surely don’t want to miss out on any member’s comfort to have the full family together in the living room. First is to think about how to use the living room space. It is advised to keep the floor a little clear and spacious for people to move around freely, which might require you to choose the furniture size accordingly or maybe just moving a few of the furniture here and there to make that adjustment. While Sofa is the centre of the living room, along with being really cosy it needs to be of the perfect size and design for the family to fit in, with not occupying too much of space but homely enough for the ‘Family Time’. Modular Sofas that can be reconfigured to suit your necessities are a smart thought. Keeping armchairs with comfy cushions is also a good idea and highly preferred.

This might look like too much of hopping before you finally do the shopping of buying a sofa, but with Mobel Home Store you can buy furniture online. Just select from a wide range of varied sofa sets that are perfect for your living room and buy a sofa set online. Be rest assured of their quality as these are the leading furniture dealers in the Eastern Region.

Know what you should before buying a bed

Have you ever thought that 33% of our lives are just spent in bed? Daily, we go for rest for 8 hours. We do invest a ton of energy in bed and the bed we spend it in has a great deal to do with how comfortable and at ease we are through the night and day. You ought to likewise think about your bed on the grounds that a decent night’s sleep is basic for a decent day head.

The most vital thing that you should look for, while purchasing a bed, is the comfort. If the bed is uncomfortable, you won’t be able to get a good night sleep and thus the bed would not be worth the investment. Abandoning rest due to a creaky, awkward bed, can influence your sentiments, well being, and thoughts.

The sleeping mattress is the core of your bed and the part of the purchase you ought to invest most energy and bucks on. The mystery of having a peaceful night’s sleep is the sleeping cushion, mattress and your size of the bed collaboratively.

The area of your room is one factor to consider. That stated, the bed clearly needs to fit the room. Make sure to leave enough space to effectively get in and out of the room and to consider opening windows and storage rooms. Remember that you’ll likewise need to open the room entryway as well. The bed should be big enough for you and your partner to share enough space but compact enough for the room to look spacious. The bed is the most important furniture in your room; it should look good as much as it should provide comfort.

Though buying a bed is not an easy one as it’s a long term investment, at least as long as at least 10 years, one needs to keep in mind the comfort and size as their first priority. To avoid the struggle of hopping from one place to another, you can now easily buy bedroom furniture online on Mobel Homestore. Choose from an exclusive variety of bedroom sets and you can easily get the perfect bed for your room.

Perfect mattress – a necessity for your comfortable good night’s sleep

Every doctor advises us that a good night’s sleep is very essential. Only when the body gets excellent sleep, we feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The right quality mattress can really help one have a perfect night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Without a comfortable mattress, you’ll wake to feel tired and sore instead of well-rested. Mattresses are largely a matter of personal choice. There is no single kind of bed or mattress that works well for all people.

If you have decided to buy bedroom furniture online, MoBEL Homestore is the right choice for you. We will help you get the perfect mattress for your comfortable sleep and you can also buy bedroom set online. What are your best mattress choices? The basic types are given below:

Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattresses are supported with a framework of steel coil springs. They are pretty comfortable. You also get a wide variety of firmness options based on coil configuration by innerspring mattresses. Your budget and personal preference will decide which option to choose.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress can reduce pressure points, which softens to the contours of the body and can assist with good blood flow during sleep. A healthier sleep environment is facilitated with the help of this remarkable material. It’s a good option for people with allergies or breathing issues like asthma.

Latex mattress

Latex mattress is made from natural and synthetic latex rubber foam. The latex mattress gives consistent support across the bed and prevents painful pressure points and subsequent back and joint pain.

Here are general mattress buying tips:

•When to buy a new mattress – If your mattress is quite old or if you wake up with low back or hip pain, it’s time to purchase a new one.
•Take a test sleep – Experts suggest lying on the mattresses in the store and assume your typical sleeping position and try to remain in that position for at least fifteen minutes.
•Choose comfort over price– If possible, try to take price out of the equation when testing mattresses. The best choice will ultimately be the one that feels the most comfortable for you.

With MoBEL Home store, you can purchase durable and comfortable mattresses at affordable prices. You can also buy bedroom set online from us. Your comfort is our priority.

Turn Your Traditional Kitchen Into A Modular Haven This Season Without Breaking The Bank

The kitchen is the heart of every home that defines the family’s health and happiness. It is an intimate place ideal for indulgent cookouts and intimate conversations. So, why don’t you stop relegating it and make it exquisite by upgrading it to the latest technology?

Yes, we are talking about modular kitchens. If you’ve been contemplating the idea to buy modular kitchen but held off due to budget constraints, you need not to worry any more. MoBEL offers the best and most affordable modular kitchens in Kolkata. In fact, you can buy modular kitchen online. Below are a few pointers on how to build a budget-friendly modular kitchen.

1. Research is the key

Check on various websites to compare costs and experiences. Or, if you want the best modular kitchen in Kolkata at the least rates, you can come to us at MoBEL.

2. Opt for a custom design

Though we offer both ready-made and custom designs, it’s always better for your pocket if you choose a custom design. Being armed with a manufacturing facility, we can tailor your kitchen to an affordable style and design while keeping the required functionalities in mind.

3. Smart space management

During the makeover of your kitchen, decide on the spacing requirements. Choose those types of equipment which fit perfectly well with the interiors of your kitchen. It is best to pick the design that accomplishes your space requirements.

4. Cost effective yet luxurious looking materials

Play it smart by picking affordable yet luxurious looking materials that we have to offer. For example, aluminum is a more budget-friendly option than stainless steel, fibreboard is more affordable than plywood, and slate or limestone is more cost-effective than marble or granite. If you are a connoisseur of all things wood, we have a cheaper yet durable alternative for you as well.

A modular kitchen is your gateway to economic arrangements, smart space management, and boundless style. Do it the right way and contact us to buy modular kitchen from the leading furniture retailer in East India.

Mistakes To Avoid To Keep Your Living Room From Becoming A Disaster

Apart from being the place where you and your family sit together, your living room is also meant for entertaining guests. Hence, you must make sure that your living room is stylish, oozes comfort, and is well decorated. While most of us would like to hire a professional designer or a stylist, our budget does not allow for it. And this is one of the main reasons why we end up making inevitable mistakes.

If you’re wondering how to avoid these mistakes, you may consult us at MoBEL. As the best furniture store in Kolkata, you can not only buy furniture online from us but we can also help you decorate your living room ideally. For starters, below are a few mistakes that you must avoid to keep your living room from becoming a disaster:

1. Selecting the wrong sofa

Nothing spoils the mood of a room like a wrong piece of furniture. If you want to avoid choosing the wrong sofa set, you should stick to something simple as they are easy to style. Stay away from overly ornate details like curved legs, winged arms, tufts, and nail heads. At MoBEL, you will find the best collections of sofa sets, with the facility to buy sofa set online from the comfort of your home. Apart from sofa sets, you may also buy dining table online.

2. Too many elements

Since the living room is the first thing a person sees when he or she walks into the room, many people tend to display all their prized possessions here. This leads to the living area ultimately looking like a store and losing its functionality. You must remember that your living room is not a place to fill up with furniture or accessories.

3. Lack of a focal point

Most people forget to create a focal point in their living room. This results in all the furniture being placed randomly, which gives an unwanted messy look to the room. Hence, create a focal point in your living room (TV, a painting, a fireplace, etc.) to give it a more organized and smart look.

4. Lack of a properly sized rug

One of the main offenders in living room designing is a poorly sized rug. Unless you have a tiny living room, you must stay away from small rugs as they bring imbalance to a room. An appropriately large rug visually extends the space and gives a finished look to the interior.

Secrets For Making The Most Out Of Your Small Space Like A Pro

When you’re trying to cram all your belongings in a small space, it’s hard to appreciate the advantages of a small house or apartment. For us at MoBEL, the leading furniture store in Kolkata, small means beautiful, efficient, and economical. Buy furniture online from us or simply contact us and we can turn your small space into your paradise. Below are a few life-saving tips to get you started:

1. Opt for a clean palette

Small rooms look smaller when they are burdened with lots of dark or vivid colours. To have the best backdrop for your furniture, use neutral colours and textures on the walls, floors, and ceilings. If you are a fan of bright colours, you can bring it out on the accessories.

2. Let lots of light in

Light is an important element in enhancing the look and feel of your small space. Do not cover up the light sources. Use sheers instead of heavy drapes on your windows and let as much light in as possible. You can also use mirrors to reflect the light to the unreachable corners. If your room does not have windows or any other way of letting natural light in, we can help furnish your space with bright and beautiful lights.

3. Don’t think square

Small rooms often end up looking like shoe boxes due to design errors. Square furniture in a small room is exactly what you don’t want even in your worst nightmare. Think out of the box and install round or triangulated furniture in the room. These are spacious while saving space at the same time. Round dining tables and sofa sets are a great choice for your small apartment. At MoBEL, you can buy all these furniture online in Kolkata.

4. Use the walls

One of the best space management techniques for small spaces is to use the wall as much as possible. Mount your TV on the wall, get a wall desk and install wall cabinets to save huge amounts of space and make your place look bigger than ever. At MoBEL, we offer the best of the above in East India.