Secrets For Making The Most Out Of Your Small Space Like A Pro

When you’re trying to cram all your belongings in a small space, it’s hard to appreciate the advantages of a small house or apartment. For us at MoBEL, the leading furniture store in Kolkata, small means beautiful, efficient, and economical. Buy furniture online from us or simply contact us and we can turn your small space into your paradise. Below are a few life-saving tips to get you started:

1. Opt for a clean palette

Small rooms look smaller when they are burdened with lots of dark or vivid colours. To have the best backdrop for your furniture, use neutral colours and textures on the walls, floors, and ceilings. If you are a fan of bright colours, you can bring it out on the accessories.

2. Let lots of light in

Light is an important element in enhancing the look and feel of your small space. Do not cover up the light sources. Use sheers instead of heavy drapes on your windows and let as much light in as possible. You can also use mirrors to reflect the light to the unreachable corners. If your room does not have windows or any other way of letting natural light in, we can help furnish your space with bright and beautiful lights.

3. Don’t think square

Small rooms often end up looking like shoe boxes due to design errors. Square furniture in a small room is exactly what you don’t want even in your worst nightmare. Think out of the box and install round or triangulated furniture in the room. These are spacious while saving space at the same time. Round dining tables and sofa sets are a great choice for your small apartment. At MoBEL, you can buy all these furniture online in Kolkata.

4. Use the walls

One of the best space management techniques for small spaces is to use the wall as much as possible. Mount your TV on the wall, get a wall desk and install wall cabinets to save huge amounts of space and make your place look bigger than ever. At MoBEL, we offer the best of the above in East India.

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