These easy to do home décor tips will glam up your home space during the lockdown!

Don’t let the lockdown keep you in low spirits. Utilize the most of your time re-decorating your home. By this, we don’t encourage you to buy new products but in fact, re-arrange your space with what you already have. Give your home a brand-new makeover by following these easy tips.

It’s time to de-clutter –

This is something we all agree but hardly follow. You can’t really sort out what you already have unless you discard the unnecessary things that are lying in the different corners of your house for ages! Discarding items that you don’t use anymore will add so much of free space to your home you knew never existed!

Add dimension to your rooms –

Once you are done with the de-cluttering process, pick a room, and start working on it. Your furniture may be in a certain position in a room and you’re bored seeing it there. Play with the layout and add a different dimension to that room. Moving the lighter and portable furniture from one corner to the other can create such a big visual difference to your room.

Transform your spaces –

Your living room, dining room, and the bedroom have all been arranged in a certain manner. Break the monotony by giving a different style and transforming the space. For this, you can reorganize your accessories and the already existing furniture. But make sure your rooms don’t lose functionality. We also suggest you opt for adding a new element to your space – like a new souvenir if you have at your home and some plants to bring life to your indoors.

Create a productive home office environment –

This one’s a no-brainer. Most of us don’t have an organized study to do justice to our work from home every day. Making a productive home office environment will help you stay focused and provide the perfect “at-office” feel. Shift the desk-chair combo that you have at your bedroom or living room to the place where you feel you can concentrate best on work, and carve out the ideal work zone. Ensure you have enough light.

Incorporate space-saving furniture –

Image Courtesy – Pacific Queen Size Hydraulic Bedroom Package by Mobel Furniture

With cramped spaces, none of us can be the most efficient versions of ourselves. Make your environment spacious by opting for trendy space-friendly furniture. While this does not require you to spend any extra penny on furniture during the lockdown, you can always check out some of the space-friendly furniture here

We have curated some of the most trending space-friendly furniture. To know what falls in the list, click here. In case if you are looking for furniture that can transform your living room or bedroom space, visit Mobel Furniture, East India’s leading furniture store.

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